Custom Software development : Software development as user wants to be.This software are first planned according to the customers workplace,then some other features required as they want,then the final planning is done and now the software as per the planned manuals is ready to be programmed. This custom software are then tested in almost all the ways we can to debug and to add more additional features.Now the software is ready for customer to use and to implement at workplace and to include it in daily business activities.

Ready to use software solutions : After much research and planning and according to the needs and keeping in mind the proper functioning of the business,some of the solutions are now ready to use. Just get it and there you are.These solutions are very well tested,well planned and almost all the fearures and requirements are now included in the solution. These solutions are well tested,well planned and above all bug free.

Software platform migration: So, you have a solution in which you have all the features as you want to have in a solution. You are comfortable with it, you like to work on it and above all it’s trustworthy on it.Then why will you change it, don’t change it migrage the same software to newer platform on the latest technology. We will do that for you.We’ll make the same software solution for you as it is fully packed with the same features with extra features you want to add in it, with same reports and same functionality as it is.

Web based solutions : Suppose you are many a times or regularly on the move to different places or have different business houses at different places,Then how to keep constant eye and be updated from all the houses,we provide web based solutions running through internet to keep minute to minute updation of the activity of all the houses incorporated in a single solution. Just click and there you are updated and fully informed of every move.

Web solutions : Today each and every business must have a website.Website are considered as a face of business and the working of the company alongwith the past,present and future plannings and activities.Website let others know who you are and what are you into? We offer well designed and well planned website solution to present you in front of world and people wanna know you.

Project Training : So you are ready to get in professional activities.You have talent,knowledge and everything company wanna have or you think to serve the industry but without practical training,knowledge and proper training you are as incomplete and are lacking against others already in industry. We teach and let you know how to deal in day to day activities of industry.So when you get in profession you are ready to start from day one.